Floating in water for therapeutic means is not something new. For centuries already, people have walked for long days in order to have the opportunity to float in the waters of the Dead Sea (Lama Morto, pap. / Mar Muerto, esp. / Dode Zee, ned.) which is between the countries of Israel, the West Bank and Jordan. In the 1950's, scientists have concluded what humanity has known for a long time already: floating eliminates stress and it relaxes the nervous system to a point that the body itself releases tension, anxieties and addictions.

With this, Moreu Facilitation & Healing Center introduces the service of Watsu. A more active version that simply floating, however, it is more passive compared to an aquatic massage.

What is Watsu?

Watsu moves a person's body in a soft way to promote a state of deep relaxation and it helps the flexibility of the spine and the nervous system. Watsu is a combination of body movements and stretches that helps the body release tension. This session is a combination of healing that restores the energetic flow inside the body while the characteristics of water are giving the body a natural massage. It brings peace and it revitalizes you completely. Watsu gives the body an opportunity to remove all the pressures from the muscles and joints to experience a meditative state and a unique flexibility in water.

What you can expect from a Watsu session?

A session takes about 45 minutes and the benefits are plentiful. The final results can vary per person or from session to session. It depends on your experience during the first session: you surrender trust by letting the water carry the weight of your body so you can float, until your mind falls softly into losing all sensations of the whole body, loses all sense of direction and reaches a state of stillness.


The main benefit of Watsu is that it relaxes your body in such a way that it relieves all physical pain, it helps you go into a deep state of meditation, it promotes creativity and it helps you to release any emotional crisis, addictions or phobia that you may have.



How can a Watsu do all this?

  • While you are floating in water, combined with the movements and soft stretches, it encourages your body to produce more of the endorphins (feel-good hormones). These hormones are natural chemicals produced in our body. They are responsible for our personal reserve of chemicals, and they contain substances similar to morphine. They originate from the hypothalamus and the nervous system, and they activate when we feel stress, fear or pain.
  • Once your body is floating and the production of endorphins is stimulated, it stops the functioning of the amygdala glands. The amygdala is in an area of your brain that controls your emotions. Once floating, your heart starts beating slowly and your breathing calms down. All of this helps your body to release anxiety. Your mind enters into a state of profound calmness. This is what we also call the state of meditation.
  • When you reach this state of meditation, you also reach the abilities of e.g. being able to focus better and absorb information faster; improve motor skills and have artistic ability, receive creative inspiration. You achieve a clarity of mind at another level and you have the ability to remain calm under any kind of pressure.

After the Watsu

During the Watsu, you have the sensation of zero gravity; there is no pressure on your body. Your breathing helps you to focus your attention inside your body while your body is being moved in various directions in the water. Your spine is aligned perfectly and it allows your nervous system to --in a relaxed way, take care of all the areas of your body and tense muscles. The floating sensation in water brings back the memories of being in your mother's womb, whether it be conscious or unconscious.

This makes it possible that after a Watsu session, the physical, mental and emotional healing process becomes accelerated in a subtle way. All the different sensations you experience during a Watsu are very powerful and they function as a reset button for your body and soul. Customers experience greater physical flexibility, the sensation of mental freedom and major positive changes in their moods on a daily basis.

Preparation for the Watsu

Before your Watsu appointment, limit your intake of any liquids containing caffeine. Also, it is recommended to avoid eating a large meal within 45 minutes before your session. These help the process of floating in water to be more easy.


Combine this service with a Dry Heat Bath or a Shiatsu massage to enjoy the maximum benefits that a Watsu can offer your body and soul.