Foot massage is a technique known by Asian, African, European and North American Cultures. In the cultures of India, China and Babylonia of more than 5000 years ago, the art of massage and pressing of specific points on the soles of the feet were considered an effective way to relate to other people and to heal them. In the ancient civilization of Egypt, 2500 years B.C., after decodifying the paintings on the walls of the tombs of the doctors during that time, it was clear that Reflexology was being practiced by them. In Greece and Turkey, philosophers used to talk about giving massage to the feet to promote wellbeing.

Nowadays, the history starts between 300-700 A.D. with the Native American Indians. In their culture, they emphasized the use of a simple foot massage for assessment and healing. During the 16th century, foot massages were already popular in the European continent.

What is Foot Reflexology?

Reflexology is an art that perceives the feet as a mirror reflection of the whole body. Reflexology is also a science that is originated from the principle that our hands and feet have varios reflex points that are related to each of our organs, glands and parts of our body. During this session, all these reflex points are stimulated to bring the body back in a state of natural balance.

Why the feet?

Because we are constantly on our feet, all the heavy particles go to our feet with the force of gravity. Each foot has more or less 7 thousand nerve ends and many times these particles become crystalized. This blocks the nerve ends which eventually causes a stagnation in the flow of energy of your whole body.



The main benefit of Reflexology is that it rebalances your complete nervous system. By using pressure to massage the reflex points at the sole of your feet, Reflexology reduces the tension in your body, relaxes you for a better mental focus, and heals at the cellular level.

In addition to this, you receive a guided meditation to calm your mind and induce a deep relaxation.

What you can expect of a Reflexology session

You can expect to experience heaven on earth.

The soles of the feet are large areas and very easy to work the reflex points. The only thing that you need to do is to sit (or lay down) comfortably, take of your shoes and socks. Reflexology is more than just a foot massage. It's a natural session that can bring balance to your whole-body. This is an excellent way to take care of your body.

The effects of Reflexology are cumulative. The more you repeat this treatment, the more benefits you will notice. The frequency of your appointments is determined by your individual needs. All the sessions are given with the purpose to reduce stress, relax and bring the body back into balance.


We recommend to combine your Reflexology service with a session of Foot Detox Bath or an Energy Massage for your whole body. If you wish to experience something completely new, ask for the possibility to do your Reflexology session floating in water.