The history on how body massage originated, started from the ancient times in India more than 3000BC. The first time that the practice of massage was mentioned was in the traditional Chinese medicine book called "The Yellow Emperor's Classic Book of Internal Medicine" in the year 2700 BC. In the Chinese culture, as well as the Japanese, Indian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Korean and Mesopotamian cultures, massage was a sacred art for healing and an important element for longevity. Massage used to be part of their public health system: doctors used to combine medicine with different types of massage to help the body both in its physical and spiritual aspects.

More than 5000 years of history says that massage is ideal for healing injuries, relieving aches and to prevent and cure diseases. Furthermore, it reduces stress and it brings profound relaxation to the physical body.

Why should I get a body massage?

Here at Moreu Facilitation, we have combined the traditional massage with transfers of positive energy. This will not only stimulate your muscles, but it will also increase your vital energy reserve to give your body the necessary boost to continue with the demands of daily life.

Your body responds to relaxation

Rubbing and kneading the muscles of the body in a soft and firm way, invites your body to relax. This, together with pain relief, will result in your body responding in a relaxed state. This state is when your heartbeat and your breath are calm and slow. Your blood pressure improves and your muscles release all tensions. This state of relaxation will help increase the production of hormones called 'serotonin', which is the natural chemical that balances your emotions and helps you feel good and have positive thoughts in your body.


The benefits of a massage with positive energy include the following:

  • Improved blood circulation and lymphatic system;
  • Relaxation and toning of the muscles;
  • Releases stress, manages anxiety and hypertension;
  • Promotes the digestive system, especially the intestines to release toxins and waste from your body;
  • Helps the energy field of your body.

What can you expect from an Energy Massage session?

Here at Moreu Facilitation, you decide the level pressure that you prefer to manipulate your muscles. It can vary from a very light and soft massage to a stronger, more deeper pressure, especially for tight muscles. Your massage is complemented with relaxing music and aroma to delight all your senses.


As a recommendation, we suggest to combine the Energy Massage with a session of Jin Shin Jyutsu, Dry Heat Bath, Watsu or a Full Body Detox Bath.