Detoxification is a natural process of our body to eliminate chemicals that we absorb through our food, drinks, beauty products and even the air that we breathe. In general, we detoxify by means of the adequate functioning of our liver, our kidneys, our intestines, our skin when we sweat and also our lungs. However, since the industrial revolution, our body is being bombarded with more chemicals than ever. Nowadays, we need to find ways for these chemicals not to become accumulated in our system, causing a heavy burden on our body. Internal accumulation of these pollutants and toxins causes significant stress on us, and creates illnesses related to the degeneration of the body. In the cases of accumulation, these impede the natural process of the body to detoxify and heal itself.

How does the Foot Detox Baths work?

The Greeks, Romans, Japanese and Chinese, they all used different detoxification methods of the body. They emphasized the detoxification through the feet to restore health in the whole body.

When we prepare the Foot Detox bath, we make sure that the temperature of the water is ideal to stimulate the glands of the feet to transpire. Each foot has more than 2000 glands to sweat, and this is more than any other area of the body. Remember also that the body is like a cylinder and the effects of gravity makes the toxins and acids to sink all the way to the feet. That is why a Foot Detox Bath is very effective, because it eliminates --in a natural way, the toxins of the body through the feet, where they accumulate the most.

What is needed in order to do this detox?

Drink a lot of water before, during and after this session, to avoid dehydration. At Moreu Facilitation & Healing Center, we give you energized water to boost your immune system and to maintain you well hydrated while you are detoxifying. Come to your appointment without any creams, lotions or Band-Aids on your feet. Sit relaxed, without your cellphone, and listen to positive phrases while your body is letting go of all waste. By listening to different affirmations, you become motivated and more positive. Come in to relax, recharge, reprogram yourself and enjoy!

How many sessions are necessary?

In general, we suggest to schedule between one and two sessions per month, so you can have greater effectiveness out of the detoxification. With such a maintenance plan, you can avoid your body from accumulating toxins.

Can everybody do the Foot Detox Bath?

At Moreu Facilitation & Healing Center, we do not use any machines that emit electrical currents, therefore, even someone with a pacemaker or someone suffering from epilepsy is able to do the Foot Detox Bath. However, in a case where a person has open wounds at the feet, someone who is pregnant or recently underwent an organ transplant surgery, we discourage the use of the Foot Detox Bath. Even though this session is completely natural, it is always better to prevent.

What can you expect?

It is different for each person, and also, it depends on the quantity of toxins that each person has and the quantity of tension. However, the great majority of people experience a profound relaxation more or less 30 minutes after submerging their feet in the warm water. After the session, you feel very relaxed and it is recommended to take it easy afterwards.


Create your own "personal retreat day" by combining your Foot Detox Bath with a Foot Reflexology massage.