Sweating is good for you. It's your body's natural way to heal itself and remain healthy. Our lifestyle, combined with the amount of toxins that we ingest or inhale, blocks our pores and doesn't allow our body to sweat regularly anymore. By doing the Dry Heat Baths, heat is being sent directly on your body to raise its internal temperature. This will result in a deep detoxification, up on to the cellular level, where the toxins accumulate. Furthermore, it improves the function of the glands that regulate the natural temperature of your body.

This profound detoxification is important, because it helps to strengthen your immune system, it helps all the biochemical processes of your body to function more efficiently and this allows you to better digest the nutrients in your food. This is also related to a more efficient metabolism.

How does the Dry Heat Bath work?

In the scientific world, it has already been proved that the sweat of our body contains toxic substances, e.g. heavy metals. At Moreu Facilitation, you receive a Dry Heat Bath session with the dry infrared technology. This relaxes and detoxifies the body to reduce microbes and viruses inside the body. With a calming temperature between 43-51°C (110-125°F), will increase the production of the cells that have the responsibility to defend the immune system and these cells will go on into the blood to strengthen it and introduce more natural proteins into the body. The heat of the Dry Heat Bath also intensifies the natural chemical process of the body. This detoxifies the body of any chemicals or acids that have accumulated in our body through the pores.

What are the benefits of the Dry Heat Bath?

A session of this dry infrared sauna, while keeping yourself hydrated, has many positive aspects for your wellbeing. Find below a short explanation of all the ways that your body benefits of each session:

  • Detoxification: this way of raising the internal temperature of your body causes you to sweat from the inside-out. It makes it possible that through your sweat you release many toxins of the cells of your body. This profound sweating, combined with a pleasant warmth, helps your muscles to relax completely.
  • Purification: the heat of the Dry Heat Bath purifies the dermis and epidermis layers of your skin, stimulating the production of collagen to promote elasticity, as well as a clean and healthy skin.
  • Muscular pain relief: with regular sessions, the heat promotes the flexibility of your muscular system. This, in turn, helps your body to be in a continuous relaxed state.
  • Relaxation: the subtle and therapeutic heat of the Dry Heat Bath promotes deep relaxation. After each session, you feel calmer and you have peace of mind. All of this improves the quality of your sleep.
  • Healthy cells: the heat coming out of your body also stimulates your circulatory system and it gives the needed pure air (oxygen) to all the cells of your body. A better blood circulation leads to more toxins being released by the cells to the surface of the skin, this way improving your health, help your muscles to relax and reinforce your immune system.
  • Better blood circulation: the cardiovascular system is assisted by blood running through the veins that become expanded and thus transport more blood in the body. This imporves the blood circulation and gives the skin new life with all the nutrients in the blood.
  • Weight loss: when you sit through a session of the sauna, the dry infrared waves helps your body to burn between 600 and 800 calories. All of this while you are in a deep relaxation. When the body is in its process to cool off, there is a substantial increase in the heartbeat, which again improves the cardiovascular system and metabolism.
  • Complete healing: a dry-infrared session improves the healing process of your body. This includes the fast regeneration of cells and muscles. A regeneration of cells makes it possible for wounds -or whichever ailment, to heal faster and to prevent infections.

Prepare yourself for a session

Prior to your Dry Heat Bath appointment, it is recommended for you to drink lots of water to maintain your body well hydrated. Once you arrive, you receive a herbal tea to prepare your body to release all toxins.

Extra Benefits

Along with the Dry Heat Bath service, you also receive the opportunity to skip lightly on a small trampoline. The benefits of doing this, is that it moves your lymphatic system to help your blood circulation transport the toxins to where they exit your body. Additionally, you receive mental training with positive affirmations to help you improve your way of thinking. This is combined with relaxing music and aromatherapy for a completely unique experience. As a bonus, the Dry Heat Bath is equipped with chromotherapy. This therapy of light uses different colors to give treatment to certain vibrations inside the body, bringing balance to the energy lacking on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level.

What can you do to refresh?

After a Dry Heat Bath session, you have the opportunity to take an outdoor shower and then take a refreshing dip in our energized swimming pool. The cold water of the swimming pool is a very effective counterbalance to help your body regulate the internal temperature accordingly.


For a great relaxation, you can combine your session of Dry Heat Bath with the following services: Watsu, Full Body Detox Bath or an Energy Massage for your whole body.