Moreu Facilitation & Healing Center specializes in training and coaching to guide employees in order to drive the company towards success and excellence, with a sincere smile on their faces. This in turn impacts the bottom line of the company.

In order to reach this goal, we created a Happiness and Well-being program. The process consists of a series of One-on-One Training sessions (individual and personalized training) for employees, supervisors and managers. Each session focuses on teaching you how to concentrate and direct the mind to create positive thoughts and how to manage your emotions efficiently. This enhances individual performance.

What are the benefits of a Company Training?

Company Training creates a culture of:

  • Support: all employees who support each other, progress together.
  • Understanding: you create employees who understand each other before they blame each other.
  • Unity: employees that are aware of their connection, unite to succeed together.
  • Harmony: create a synchronized energy of all employees for the well-being of the organization and the team.
  • Motivation: you have employees who want to contribute in making a difference.
  • Optimism: employees who are positive and see the good side in every situation.
  • Cooperation: employees who work together to achieve more in unity.
  • Productivity: employees with energy to create goals and achieve them together.

What do employees learn during a training session?

With each company training, employees will learn the following:

  • How to think positive;
  • How to feel happy and calm;
  • They learn how to feel the connection with others and to work well in teams;
  • How to help each other to progress together;
  • How to generate mental, emotional, physical energy to be more productive at work.

How will the employee transform after receiving training?

The team of employees becomes a close group who come together to contribute to the growth of the company. Furthermore, they also become a group of people who support each other when there is a heavy workload and get the job done.

Employees become a group of optimists who together work towards achieving the company's vision. Moreover, they become a group who listens to each other, talk to each other to help each other be the best continuously.

Who benefits from these trainings?

All companies that wish to do something different, unique and innovative to achieve their objectives as one unity.