Moreu Facilitation & Healing Center specializes in training and coaching to guide individuals towards living true happiness, with a sincere smile on their faces.

In order to reach this goal, we created a Happiness and Wellbeing program. The process consists of a series of One-on-One Training sessions (individual and personalized training) for Adults 18+. Each session focuses on teaching you how to concentrate and direct the mind to create positive thoughts and how to manage your emotions efficiently.

A special version of this Happiness and Wellbeing program has been created for the coaching of children (9-11 year-olds), teens (12-17 year-olds) as well as a process for couples.

What are the benefits of this One-on-One Training?

The main benefits of the One-on-One Training are the following:

  • Development: you get to be the best version of yourself in every moment.
  • Thought management: you do this by learning about thought energy and emotions that affect us in the areas of our body that we are not even aware of.
  • Wisdom: you become aware of where your thoughts come from and how to change them, and change how you feel.
  • Peace of mind: you cultivate self-control to remain calm in every situation.
  • Positive attitude: you learn to speak, think and do positive things for you and others.

What do you learn during a training session? 

You learn to change your reality by changing your energy.

You learn that all your issues are not external, but internal. And where exactly to find them.

You learn how to generate the positive electromagnetic energy for you to be positive.

You learn how to change the vibration in every moment to change the things in the areas such as:

  • Your relationship;
  • At your workplace;
  • At home, etc.

How do you transform through this program?

You feel happy from the inside-out (you radiate), you have a calm mind, a positive attitude. Furthermore, you feel confident, you have a sense of achievement and success. You are determined to feel the True Love.

Who can benefit from this training process?

Everybody who wants and knows that they can be more in life.