Moreu Facilitation & Healing Center specializes in training and coaching to guide individuals towards living true happiness, with a sincere smile on their faces.

In order to reach this goal, we created a Happiness and Wellbeing program. The process consists of a series of One-on-One Training sessions (individual and personalized training) for Adults 18+. Each session focuses on teaching you how to concentrate and direct the mind to create positive thoughts and how to manage your emotions efficiently.

A special version of this Happiness and Well-being program has been created for the coaching of children (9-11 year-olds), teens (12-17 year-olds) as well as a process for couples.

What are the benefits of Coaching for Adolescents? 

The primary benefits of Coaching for Adolescents include:

  • Wisdom: An adolescent that develops self knowledge and intra-personal skills, uses wisdom to be intelligent.
  • Hard-working: An adolescent that moves into action; not because he/she is told to or ordered to, but because he/she understands his/her purpose in life.
  • Confidence: The adolescent cultivates trust and believes in him-/herself and his/her own abilities.
  • Optimism: The adolescent learns to always look for the positive side in everything.
  • Understanding and Empathy: The adolescent learns interpersonal skills, for ways to understand others now that he/she understands him-/herself better. 
  • Love: The adolescent learns self love and loving others, because he/she now understands how to truly love. 

What will the Teenager learn during these sessions?

He/she will learn to develop intra-personal skills, such as self-esteem, open mindedness, being aware his/her own thinking, the ability to learn, being able to understand and manage his/her own emotions, self-confidence, self-discipline, self-motivation, being patient, being a self starter, being able to take initiative, working independently, being persistent, having a positive attitude, and being a good manager of time.

He/she will become aware of how he/she processes information, and will start to study according to his/her way of interpreting information and seeing the world.

How will the adolescent change after receiving coaching?

The result will be seen on a daily basis in the behavior of the teenager. He/she will be become more understanding, positive and optimistic. Furthermore, he/she will become more self-confident; someone with an overall very pleasant attitude.

In reference to schoolwork and studying: the adolescent will become a good student because he/she understands why he/she needs to study as well as how to study in an accelerated and more effective way. 

Who will benefit of such a program?

An adolescent that feels he/she can do more, but doesn't know how to do it.