The word "retreat" (retiro, esp. / retraite, ned.) is the meaning of a space for solitude, stillness or an experience to commune. In its basic form, a retreat is characterized by a set time (varies from a few hours up until a month) that you take to get out of your daily life's routine with the purpose to reconnect your inner being for a variety of reasons. This can be e.g. for spiritual** development, to study or to take a moment of solitude.

A retreat represents an internal journey, where you go back to your heart to take inventory, to give perspective and to search for what really matters in your life.

At Moreu Facilitation & Healing Center, we have an ample facility (located in a quiet and tranquil area) where you can retreat. In a world that doesn't slow down, the only thing that you want nowadays is a moment to find yourself again, a moment of transformation, of stillness for the body and soul, of rest and reflection to reconnect again with your inner peace.

Who is this package for?

Retreat to create family unity (maximum 4 persons)

A group retreat, specifically for families, focuses on healing the relationships and improving the dynamics between each member of the family. This retreat starts with a training session for Family Bonding, where each family member receives the training on how to connect with others in a positive way. Afterwards, you continue with the energy treatments to relax your bodies, all of which can be chosen ahead of time from our menu of services with positive energy.

We are flexible, in that, we can adapt this retreat and offer space for any small groups (e.g. friends, colleagues, etc.) of a maximum of 4 persons.

Retreat for a duo (2 persons maximum)

We are flexible to adapt this retreat for a duo, e.g. you and your friend, you and your daughter, you and a colleague, etc. Contact us so we can create a customized program.

Larger group retreats (4 persons or more)

This group can consist of, but is not limited to, a large group of family members or friends. Contact us to create a customized program.


A half-day program (maximum 4 hours) includes:

1 Training session on special topics, e.g. family bonding, finding your purpose in life and beyond words: communication

1 or 2 treatments with positive energy which you can choose from our menu of services

A light Lunch (Vegetarian or Vegan options available upon request).

Included Activities:

Relaxation by floating in our energized swimming pool and jacuzzi.



If you (and your group) are located abroad, this package excludes:

Air Travel ticket and Travel Insurance


Taxi Service

Optional Add-Ons:

Personalize your retreat by choosing the following options:

Light breakfast (Vegetarian or Vegan option upon request)

1 session of Innercise®: you can choose between Falun Dafa, Mindful Movements or Walking Meditation

Extra treatments with positive energy that you can choose from our menu of services (valid only for a retreat of 2 to 4 persons maximum)

A 2-hour study session to discuss topics regarding e.g. spiritual** philosophy, purpose of togetherness, the power of positive thoughts, and much more.

Meditation in Nature (only during the hours of 6:30am-8:30am)

Spiritual Island Tour® (only during the hours of 6:30am-8:30am)


Contact our office so we can help you plan a special retreat program for you and your group.



** Disclaimer: At Moreu Facilitation & Healing Center, we are well aware that 'spirituality' is completely different compared to 'religion'. The concept of spirituality, which we agree with, is when you become aware that you are part of something bigger, you connect with others and what you think, feel and do, affects all human beings