The word "retreat" (retiro, esp. / retraite, ned.) is the meaning of a space for solitude, stillness or an experience to commune. In its basic form, a retreat is characterized by a set time (varies from a few hours up until a month) that you take to get out of your daily life's routine with the purpose to reconnect your inner being for a variety of reasons. This can be e.g. for reinforcing your Universal Energy practice, to study or to take a moment of solitude.

A retreat represents an internal journey, where you go back to your heart to take inventory, to give perspective and to search for what really matters in your life.

Moreu Facilitation & Healing Center, in collaboration with the HUE FACULTY®, is in charge of locating an ample facility (in a quiet and tranquil area) where individuals and/or larger groups can retreat and study the Universal Energy philosophy on a deeper level.

The HUE Retreats:

Retreats that focus on the practice and application of Universal Energy

As an official partner of HUE FACULTY, Inc., we at More Facilitation & Healing Center offer this unique opportunity to students of the Universal Energy teaching to do retreats concentrating on the understanding of UE philosophy more profoundly, to practice together and apply to help humanity.


Who is this package for?

This HUE Retreat package is only available for all students of Universal Energy, of all levels, both local and international students. This package is specially designed for 1 person up to a maximum of 4 persons. For larger groups, contact us to create a customized program.


You must have completed at least the 01HUE Basic Level of Universal Energy. Contact us for details.

Note: If you are interested in taking the 01HUE Basic Level (or continue any other HUE levels) during this retreat, feel free to request this possibility in advance so we can make the necessary arrangements to provide you this service.


A full-day program (maximum 8 hours) includes:

Session of Innercise®: you can choose between Falun Dafa, Mindful Movements or Walking Meditation.

A customized 1-on-1 Training session based on Universal Energy.

Breakfast, a light Lunch and Dinner (Vegetarian or Vegan options available upon request).

Special study session to discuss Human & Universal Energy® topics.

Meditation in Nature (only during the hours of 6:30am-8:30am).

Spiritual Island Tour® (only during the hours of 6:30am-8:30am).

Extra for Level 20 Students: opportunity to practice the warm water technique.

If you wish to participate in a 2-5 day Retreat with sleepover options, contact our office to check our schedule of activities for the availability of this event.  

Included Activities:

Group Meditation & Application.

Study of Universal Energy philosophy.

Relaxation by floating in our energized swimming pool and Jacuzzi.

Opportunity to audit a Human & Universal Energy® course (only for customized Retreats; exceptions are applicable).


If you (and/or your group) are located abroad, this package excludes:

Air Travel ticket and Travel Insurance.


Taxi Service.



Contact our office to help you prepare and join an HUE Retreat or create your personalized HUE retreat.


** Disclaimer: At Moreu Facilitation & Healing Center, we are well aware that 'spirituality' is completely different compared to 'religion'. The concept of spirituality, which we agree with, is when you become aware that you are part of something bigger, you connect with others and what you think, feel and do, affects all human beings.