Belquis R. Moreu

Director of Moreu Facilitation & Healing Center

President of Mankind Enlightenment Love (M.E.L.) Aruba

Belquis created this unique concept of personal development, training and healing program combined for 20 years already. The idea started after the realization that in order to have a complete mental change you need to address both the soul and body of the individual.

Born in Aruba, Belquis started her career in hospitality with Holiday Inn in the U.S.A. through a management training program after earning her Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management at the Florida International University. After moving to Aruba, she worked at the Holiday Inn as the Front Office Manager and later as Training Director for the regions of Aruba, The Caribbean and Latin America. Belquis has also worked as Reservations Manager at the La Cabana Resort.

After realizing that she wanted to start her own business, she made up her mind to quit the safe and secure employment she was in and went on to start her own business with a unique concept. During that same period, she was appointed to be the Head Center Director for Aruba of the Universal Energy school, that would make her the sole representative of this school on the island. With that authorization in hand, she started on her own without any financial security 20 years ago. Belquis is a motivational speaker, trainer, coach and healer that applies what she teaches. She has trained people in the airline business, political arena, medical field, educational and financial institutes as well as various companies in different areas. She had her own TV program for over five years and her own local radio programs for over 10 years. Her first radio program went by the name of “Chat with a Positive Mind”, this program was inspired to initiate a complete change of mindset on the island into a more positive one. After that she has had morning programs on the radio like “Happiness and Luck” and “Happy Day”, to give the community an option to start the day in a positive way. Also, her work on television was for a morning program called “Nos Mainta” (“Our Morning”), where she dedicated herself to inform, educate and motivate her viewers. Belquis has written many articles in local newspapers and magazines and has frankly done anything within her power to inspire and motivate the local community.

During her training experience in the hotel industry, Belquis noticed that regardless of what was done, the information that was given to people would not make a permanent difference in their lives. This of course started her journey, her quest to find out, what was truly needed to help people change their mindset for good.

This journey started in 1994 and it is still ongoing. During her quest, she took classes in Feng Shui, Crystal and Aromatherapy, became a Reiki Master, a Neuro Linguistic program (NLP) Master and went on to learn various alternative medicine practices. The one that called her attention the most was Human and Universal Energy. With Universal Energy she travelled to various countries to continue all the levels. She travelled to Australia, Italy, Thailand, Belgium, Switzerland, Venezuela and the United States of America. Some of these countries she has had to travel to more than once to follow all the levels of Universal Energy.

Universal Energy is a practice that teaches you a very practical meditation technique and helps you understand spirituality. This school is a holistic approach for coping with our daily life demands. It helps heal the soul and body and it helps you heal the planet and humanity as a whole.

Moreu Facilitation and Healing Center caters to the need of the people, to understand themselves so they can get the best out of life. An individual with personal development training, in a relaxed atmosphere, can understand his or her life purpose and live their life to the fullest. At Moreu Facilitation and Healing Center, healing sessions are provided for both the body as well as the soul.

Belquis is very proud to say that during these 20 years she has depended completely on word of mouth to keep this center running. That’s to show that the satisfaction rate among her clients is very high.