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"Our mission is to heal every person, place and situation using energy"


Bonbini, welcome to the first and only center for energy healing in Aruba! Moreu Facilitation and Healing Center recently celebrated 20 years of trainings for both individual development and companies, happiness coaching sessions, energy healing and group retreats. We have also expanded our services to include spiritual island tours that include visiting various points of interests that promote serenity.

About Moreu Facilitation & Healing Center

Officially opened for business since 9 September 1999 at 9:09 am, we have carefully developed a unique model by studying, researching and developing the perfect combination of services to redefine and sustain the basic concept of being completely healthy. At Moreu Facilitation & Healing Center, we apply Human and Universal Energy® (HUE) as the foundation of all our services and projects. As is reflected in our identity, “Facilitation” and “Healing” come together to allow each individual to reach happiness with a lifestyle filled with positive energy.

Happiness Training Program

Our program is a development process consisting of 1-on-1 training sessions with one of our Happiness coaches. You learn how to concentrate and focus your mind directly on creating positive thoughts and on managing your emotions effectively. This program empowers you with tools to develop all the health aspects of your being so you can be successful in life. The results include a deeper understanding of your overall health, which includes mental-emotional, physical and social-spiritual health.

All the tips, tools and techniques you learn during this process train you to become self-knowledgeable in developing your human and spiritual skills from the inside-out through concentration and meditation. This program is primarily for adults; a special version has been adapted for children and teens (9-16 years).

Our training program also includes group lectures at schools, organizations and company trainings.

Energy Healing Sessions

Our select variety of energy healing sessions are focused on the body and soul. We offer practical healing sessions to detox the body in the most natural way possible (using primarily energized warm/hot water to help boost the natural detoxification process of the body) while combining it with relaxation to let go of the daily stress (through visualization or meditation). The result is a restored energy flow within the body and a strengthen soul for a brand-new start to a positive lifestyle.

Our energy sessions include customized retreat programs for both personal, couples and employees.

Human and Universal Energy®

Moreu Facilitation & Healing Center, through the M.E.L. Aruba Foundation, is the official partner, authorized representative with 2 licensed instructors of the authentic Human and Universal Energy® teaching in Aruba. The HUE teaching provides an educational program focused on meditation, energy transfer techniques and spiritual philosophy to help oneself and help other people. We have 1 qualified instructor who can teach up until level 04HUE and 1 instructor who has the authorization to teach levels 01HUE all the way to level 08HUE in the HUE program, making the spiritual education easily available here in Aruba, both to our local citizens as for our international guests.

Mente Positivo ("Positive Mind")

Back in the year 2007, we launched our brand “Mente Positivo”, which stands for “Positive Mind” in English. It has become what the people know us for, as the main topic of our motivational lectures, trainings and how we present ourselves to the community. We have taken our brand and included it also when producing local TV programming, hosting morning radio shows, and for merchandising. All of this has been part of our social involvement, with the main goal to use these different means to educate our community on how to cultivate a positive lifestyle.